It’s time to consider changes to the Six Nations of the Grand River Election Code. Following months of consultation, the community has identified six areas that may be amended in the 2019 Election Code.

The following questions reflect the majority of opinions based on community consultations. You will have the chance to vote YES or No on each question.

Question #1 – Presently there are six electoral districts. Do you agree to reduce to one large voting district?

Question #2 – Presently there are twelve Councillors.  Do you agree to reduce the number of Councillors to nine?

Question #3 – Presently the term for Council is three years.  Do you agree to increase the term for Council to four years?

Question #4 – Presently there is no limit to the number of terms a Councillor can serve.  Do you agree to limit the number of consecutive terms that a Councillor can serve to two consecutive terms?

Presently there is no education requirement to run for Council.  Do you agree that that there should be a minimum education requirement of a high school diploma or GED certificate to run for Council?

Question #6 – Presently Council has an Oversight Panel. Do you agree there should be an independent Integrity Commission with authority to enforce compliance with the Six Nations Election Code This would include a new Oath of Office.

Printed Copies will be available at Central Administration and at various locations around the Six Nations Territory.


Where and When

Advanced Poll:  May 11, from 10 am till 4 pm
Final Poll:  May 20, from 10 am till 4 pm
Voting will take place in the Oneida Room at  
Dajoh (the Youth and Elders Centre)
Be sure to bring two pieces of  identification including your Status Card.

DRAFT – 2019 Election Code.pdf

Integrity Commission

If you have further questions, please contact the Election Code Committee at election.code2019@gmail.com